The cuisine at Bencistà

History and gastronomy

Around the table we gather to meet others, share a dish, express ourselves and learn. At Bencistà you will find tables of all sizes to occupy, alone or in company, for a couple of tea, an aperitvo, or dinner. Food is an important channel through which you can cultivate pleasure, support quality products and convey important messages, as Laura, – food anthropologist and the last Simoni to guide the Pensione, says. Each dish and glass is intended to bring to your palate the history of a particular ecosystem and production. We invite you to discover flavours, people and traditions that make each territory unique.

After all, this is what travelling is.


Following the tradition, Pensione Bencistà proposes a menu of dishes cooked by our chef from scratch expressing the territory, culture and passion of their producers. The menu will always include a selection of starters, first courses, second courses, sides and desserts prepared  using seasonal ingredients and fresh raw material selected from small production of excellence.

Bar and tea room

Hotel Firenze Fiesole - Pensione Bencistà

To take a break from the chaos of Florence, the offer of our bar allows you to enjoy all day long the incredible combination of atmosphere and panorama with natural wines or organic drinks accompanied by nibbles: in every bit you will find flavour in its essentiality. The charm and quietness of the internal lounges offer a perfect scenario where you can relax and enjoy the refined selection of teas and herbal teas.

Our kitchen garden

To complement the restaurant project we have created a permaculture garden, a space in which to cultivate ideas, in addition to the products you will find on the table. This type of agriculture is self-generating in a continuous cycle. We preserve the fertility of the soil by keeping it covered, we do not use chemical products, we irrigate with recycled water and we associate the plants so that they help each other in growth and production. You can see the result with your own eyes or taste it while looking at the landscape!