Sleeping in Florence Fiesole

Historic residence overlooking Florence

Located just seven kilometres from the centre of Florence, the XIV century building of Pensione Bencistà offers the possibility of sleeping in Fiesole, in a welcoming atmosphere recalling an historic and yet intimate accommodation. All elegantly furnished with antiques, the forty rooms of the Pensione Bencistà are unmistakable in their charm, each one with its own unique character.
Although they have a fast to meet every need of modern life, you will not find televisions in our rooms: the show is revealed in the poetry of the unique atmosphere of a family home preserved in its simplicity and sophistication.
While from the windows of each room you can admire the relaxing greenery of the Fiesole hill, some rooms offer, from the bed, from an armchair or even from a poetic balcony, a breath-taking view over the splendid skyline of the city of Florence.

Albergo Fiesole Firenze - Pensione Bencistà


Enjoying simplicity does not mean coming to terms with quality. Treat yourself to a peaceful stay away from the Florentine chaos in your cosy room with a splendid view of the wonderful Fiesole’s countryside.

Albergo Fiesole Firenze - Pensione Bencistà


Suited for a romantic stay or a vacation between friends, our double rooms offer different solutions to meet all needs. Our reception team is available to help you make the best selection for your stay.

Albergo Fiesole Firenze - Pensione Bencistà


Spacious rooms to welcome you and your family, travel mates or colleagues. With a charming view over the hills of Fiesole, the triple rooms of Pensione Bencistà are the perfect location for a regenerating rest.

Albergo Fiesole Firenze - Pensione Bencistà


The ideal solution for your family vacation. Our spacious rooms allow you to share your peaceful rest with your loved ones. Please contact our reception team to help you make the best selection for your stay.

Albergo Fiesole Firenze - Pensione Bencistà

Balcony with view over Florence

In our Superior Room you will find a timeless atmosphere: a private balcony overlooking the Renaissance Florence, with no compromise for comfort.

Albergo Fiesole Firenze - Pensione Bencistà

Balcony with view over Florence

Your private balcony overlooking Florence’s skyline: a breath-taking view, to experience moments you will never forget.


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