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Villa Bardini Garden
Bencistà e Firenze da scoprire Il giardino di Villa Bardini è uno degli angoli di Firenze meno conosciuti da grande pubblico, ma che hanno il potere di affascinare per la loro bellezza e per i panorami meravigliosi che si godono dalla sua terrazza su Firenze.
Villa Bardini Garden

Villa Bardini Garden

Discover Florence from Pensione Bencistà

Villa Bardini Garden is one of the lesser-known corners of the city, yet it seduces visitors with its pleasant environment and the wonderful views over Florence that can be enjoyed from the terrace.

The history itself of Villa Bardini is fascinating. The property belonged to Stefano Bardini, a prominent art dealer and antiquarian. When the last member of the family passed away, the Villa was subject to inheritance disputes and left in a state of neglect. Thanks to the intervention of various political forces, the will of Ugo Bardini was finally implemented, and the property was donated to the city of Florence.
Carefully restored, the garden is now open to the public and can be visited with a single ticket in combination with the nearby Boboli Gardens.

The garden reflects the taste of its various owners, who lived it and modified it ever since the Middle Age. Bardini implemented the largest number of renovations and placed important statues in the garden (some of which have been lost). He removed the medieval elements and built the main avenue, while keeping some of the existing features like the grove, the English and baroque garden and the hydraulic systems.

The most stunning element inside Villa Bardini Garden is the Baroque flight of steps, which is decked with flowers (including lilies) and decorated with statues.
From the terrace on the top (which is now accessible from the side street, while the stairway is closed) one can enjoy a beautiful view of Florence, in one of the most scenic spots of the city.

During the flowering phase of wisteria, the avenue leading to the summit of the terrace is covered with all different grades of purple and lilac.
The path proceeds all the way to the hilly road Costa San Giorgio, passing by the grove and the dragon fountain until it runs alongside this ancient street of Florence.

There is a cafeteria inside the garden where events, exhibitions, art installations and music performances are held. The garden is also home to the musical artistic projects organised by FAI (the Italian Environment Fund) together with Villa Peyron Garden.

Although smaller than the more famous Boboli Park, Villa Bardini Garden represents a treasure of rare beauty, an ideal spot for those who want to discover a unique corner of Florence, walk in nature and enjoy beautiful and lesser-known places.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Closed on Monday.
On December 31st the Villa closes one hour earlier.
For information and booking: Monday-Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 5 pm.
Phone +39 055 2638599

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