Via Benedetto da Maiano, 4 - 50014 Fiesole (Firenze)
+39 055 59163
Pensione Bencistà: a hotel with unrivalled Panorama of Florence

Pensione Bencistà: a hotel with unrivalled Panorama of Florence

Admire Florence from a unique perspective!

Pensione Bencistà un hotel su Firenze con un panorama unico


Pensione Bencistà lies a few kilometers away from Florence, on the slope of Fiesole hills, overlooking the city.
The hotel has a long and interesting history in which public and private life, art and hospitality blend in a unique and incomparable way.
Guests are welcomed as friends, and they always bring back beautiful memories of their stay at Pensione Bencista.
In addition to the amazing hospitality, the attentive management of rooms (all of which boast antique furniture), the tranquility of the place and the exquisite culinary offer of the restaurant, the extra perk of Pensione Bencistà is the exclusive view that can be enjoyed from the beautiful terrace and from some of the rooms.
Florence lies out there in the sun, under the gaze of Pensione Bencistà, surrounded by hills of olive trees on each side.

The Cathedral, with the imposing Brunelleschi dome and Giotto’s elegant bell tower, stands tall over the roofs of the red brick houses and the acid green of olive trees. The main city monuments lie all around and can be easily visited during your stay in Florence.

The terrace of Pensione Bencistà is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy an aperitif, a tea or a good book surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.

In the evening you can enjoy the mild climate of Fiesole and admire stunning sunsets behind the city of Florence, with the sunlight illuminating the city in diagonal rays.

During the blooming period of wisteria (usually between June and July), the terrace is spread with lilac flowers that fall from the roof truss of the porch in a cascade of violet shades.

Snapshots and memories of Pensione Bencistà which leave a lasting impression on our guests’ mind, and most certainly will make them want to come back for more.