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Pronto! Bencistá

  Pronto! Bencistá “Pronto! Bencistá!” She answers my call Mama di Bencistá, Beatrice, gracious, generous loving and kind Her guests are her family Her staff, her friends. It’s a good job            The people, they come back            I know them            They are good people            Some say the carte is limited            They want many choices            I choose            This is our dinner            We start in the morning                       Make everything fresh            There is no waste this way. She takes care of the people She takes care of the home Signore She glances over her shoulder, behind her and Sees my friend in the sitting room.  You are not a small man.            This chair is for you Delicately deliberate She shows him to a good, solid chair. Her home is our home We are as family. Arrivederci, Beatrice! Arrivederci, Bencistá! When will we find our […]

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Esperienze a Firenze

Esperienze a Firenze …e come è stata la tua ultima esperienza nella nostra città?

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